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Synthetic Teak Decking by DEK-KING. Composite marine flooring alternative which looks and feels like real wood teak.


Advantages of DEK-KING Synthetic Teak

DEK-KING can be easily fitted by the amateur and< professional alike. Simply join the DEK-KING strips together using the tongue and groove joint and bond with the Stelmax adhesive to create a continuous area of decking ready to be adhered to your deck. The material used for DEK-KING is of an outdoor grade PVC that is UV stabilized and contains a color fast pigment and in built graining effect that is totally convincing and will therefore retain its classic looks for many years. Combined with the integral dark caulking edge the result will look like a traditional craftsman laid deck. * DEK-KING is sandable. * No screws - it is glued down to subsurface * Forms a water tight seal * Caulking strip eliminates time consuming tasks * red wine and fish blood will rinse off * UV resistant * * Reduced noise and vibration levels * Rain forest friendly * Lighter in weight & quicker installation than teak

Boat teak decking

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Natural Teak Decking or Composite teak Decking? Click here to read more...

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Boat Synthetic Teak Decking

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"Natural wood" marine teak decking, requires constant maintenance. Modern technology brings you an alternative made out of Composite materials which have revolutionized the boating world as they require very little maintenance.

Our a product does not require time consuming and costly maintenance. The flooring material can be applied to almost any surface including fiberglass, GRP, steel, cement and wood. It has excellent non-slip properties, even when wet and can be power washed.

Our composite decking alternative, besides having the best bottom design for the best possible adherance to any deck, is also 5mm thick. We found that a thickness of 4mm is too thin and 6mm is too much and will make your boat heavier. We guarantee that our price and product is one of the best, if not the best around. Dek-king does not have a "hairy" look and feel. It looks and feels just like real teak, but with that advantage that it does not turn gray, dry out or crack and requires very little maintenance. Popular uses are on pontoon boats, yachts, boats, tourist boats, water taxis, swim platforms, stairs, pool decks, balconies, Spa areas and in industrial areas where excellent non slip flooring is required. Our material contains UV inhibitors and non migrating platicizers which holds up to sun and marine environments year after year. No sanding, scarring, oiling, caulking or varnishing is required.

DEK-KING is a PVC teak deck material does not lose its good looks to the harsh conditions and sunlight. It even passed the harsh heat tests in Dubai, installed on water taxis and India, installed on boat houses. That was 7 years ago and our synthetic teak is still on these boats.

Our material is widely used in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and now also in the USA and Canada. Many Yachts, Boats, Cruisers, Super Yachts owners choose our product because they know that they are installing a high quality product.

Marine Flooring Installation

Our profiles have a tongue and groove system for easy installation. Our faux teak is very flexible and will conform to surfaces which are not flat.

Click here to see our range of DIY boat decking profiles which all come with a 'Scotchbrite' finished base, allowing the adhesive to bond the material to the deck securely. The material is supplied in easy to manage strips or coils.

Teak Decking Installation

We supply all tools required for the job and we will be more than happy to assist you before and during your installation. Two types of one part adhesives are required when installing our deck flooring material, namely Stelmax and Sealtack 750. Stelmax adhesive is used to join (cold weld) the strips of DEK-KING together. The cold welding process will melt and bond the two profiles together to form a solid water proof joint. Sealtack 750 is a high tack MS-Polimer adhesive used to bond our imitation teak to the required surface. You can also order Pre-fabricated mats, supplied ready to fit and made to your template.

Care and maintenance

A finished DEK-KING® installation will provide a unique marine non slip wood effect surfacing. It can be easily washed by soap and water or by power washing it. Throw at it it Red wine, food coloring, grease - and it will not stain.

"DEK-KING" marine flooring is fast becoming the must have marine teak decking surface for yachts, boats, motor cruisers, Ribs and light craft. This fresh contemporary decking finish does not look out of place on any calibre of boat. With a proven track record and many sea trials under its belt, our DEK-KING system is probably the safest, low cost, low maintenance decking surface available.

We also supply our product to boat builders, designers and ship yards at special prices.

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Our composite teak profiles are made in the UK teek. Highest Quality Synthetic Teak Decking - GUARANTEED.

Teakforboats Synthetic Teak Decking for boats and yachts. dec king marine teak decking . 


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WE OFFER SPECIAL EXPORT PRICES on our Boat and Yacht Synthetic Teak Decking and marine flooring. ! Please contact us for a quotation

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Looks & Feels like real wood but is much cheaper Does not go gray, rot or crack. Is non-slip even when wet. Has anti fungal properties. Very little maintenancel. Fully UV stabilized. No special PVC welding tools required for installation. Can be installed by do-it-yourself.


Easy to fit - low maintenance, does not fade, does not crack, UV stabilized. Our pvc flooring material can be professionally installed by us or supplied as DIY kits.



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